What Is CRM?

CRM, or customer relationship management, refers to the processes that help organizations manage interactions with their customers. Those processes are often centralized in a CRM software that gathers data to guide decision making.

What Is the Purpose of a CRM Software?

CRM software can be used by small or large organizations that wish to expand their activities. Such software helps organizations with processes such as:

  • Maintaining customer relationships;
  • Tracking sales leads;
  • Personalizing communications;
  • Tracking sales pipeline;
  • Delivering actionable data.

Who Is CRM For?

CRM systems can be used by any company, irrespective of their size and line of business.

CRM software helps companies drive business growth and are particularly beneficial to smaller companies seeking to centralize or automate customer-related processes. Larger companies use such software to simplify and improve otherwise complex obligations towards customers.

What Are the Benefits of Using a CRM?

Common benefits of using a CRM include:

  • Improving the organization of information;
  • Enhancing communication flows;
  • Improving customer service;
  • Automating basic tasks;
  • Promoting teamwork;
  • Providing better analytical data.

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