What Is an Annual Appraisal?

The annual appraisal is a scheduled meeting between an employee and one or more line managers, held once a year. During this meeting, the skills developed by the employee and the achievement of objectives set during the previous individual appraisal meeting are assessed.

Why Hold an Annual Appraisal Interview?

The annual performance appraisal interview is an opportunity for an employer and an employee to formally discuss work performance. This discussion framework enables both parties to share their mutual expectations, the employee’s medium- and long-term aspirations, and the employee’s future with the company. It is also an opportunity for the manager to offer recognition, to highlight the employee’s highlights and to thank them for their work. For many companies, the personal interview is also an opportunity to review salary increases.

How to Prepare an Annual Appraisal Interview?

The annual appraisal is based on observations made throughout the year.

The annual performance appraisal process can be divided into four stages:

  1. Setting expectations: The first step is for the manager to establish and name his or her objectives, both in relation to the position and to the company’s overall mission and goals. The employee, in turn, can name his or her professional ambitions and objectives.
  2. Monitoring performance: In order to carry out an annual appraisal representative of the employee’s progress during the year, the manager must observe the employee’s work and grade it. As the manager notices certain good moves or areas for improvement, feedback can be offered to the employee.
  3. Evaluate performance: The third step is to compare results with the objectives set at the beginning of the appraisal period.
  4. Communicate results: The fourth step is when the manager shares their observations, areas for improvement and successes with the employee. This is also the time to set new objectives together.

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