Free employee scheduling software

Meet the best free staff scheduling app.

Agendrix is the easy way to manage work schedules by allowing you to plan out and print your employees’ work shifts and leaves for free. Try out the 100% free version, which includes all the essential features needed to create schedules.

Get up to 21 days of free full-version trial. The free plan will become active after this period.

Meet our free staff scheduling app

Creating schedules has never been easier or more intuitive.

Agendrix scheduler

Employee schedules

Use a modern planner designed specifically to simplify shift scheduling.

Remote access

Access and modify schedules online, on your computer or cell phone.

Employee records

Keep key information on each employee in one convenient place.

Computer icon that refer how you can create work schedules or modify existing schedules on any device

No installation

Agendrix can be accessed online from your web browser.

Day/week view

Accurately plan the manpower required at any given time.

Unlimited schedules

Build and print all the work schedules you need, always free of charge.

Free employee schedule printing

Online shift planner

Share schedules in no time.

Although the advanced sharing features are part of the paid Agendrix plan, the free version still features many customization and convenient sharing options. Once your schedule is ready, you’ll be able to easily print it out or email it to your team.

Online scheduling app

Edit your schedules quickly.

With the free version of Agendrix, you can easily create and modify your schedules at home, at the office, or in transit with your phone. Accessible at all times, Agendrix is designed to make your staff management tasks more efficient.

Time off management software

Shift scheduling

Manage time off with ease.

Add, modify, move, and copy employee shifts and days off in one click. Agendrix automatically calculates the number of work hours and time off for each of your employees.

Employee file management software

Free employee scheduling software

Manage better with employee files.

Agendrix stores all the information you need (availability, roles, contact details, etc.) to help you better organize your employees’ work schedules.

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Reviews on
Google Play

Schedules are so much easier to manage. At a glance, you have the availability of the whole team, and the app alerts you to requests in real time. It’s super easy for employees to talk to each other. Love it.

Nadine B.
Google Reviews

This application has really become an essential tool for my home cleaning business. With employee scheduling and employees clocking in from their cell phones, management is much less of a headache. Thank you for coming up with all these features.

Manon D.-C.

Agendrix is the solution for managing shift workers across different time zones. The software is reliable. We appreciate the fast and helpful technical support.

Matthew H.
App Store

This app is great! When I’m teleworking, I can clock in and out at any time and calculate my hours worked!

Katia P.
Your questions answered.

What is a free employee scheduling software?

An employee scheduling software is a cloud-based program or application that automates certain scheduling processes, such as creating and sharing schedules, communicating with employees, and tracking time worked.

Many of these programs are available free of charge, or offer a free trial period.

What are the best planning softwares of 2023?

  • Agendrix
  • When I Work
  • Deputy
  • Homebase
  • Humanity
  • Workfeed
  • Quinyx
  • Smartplan
  • Sling
  • OnTheClock

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How can I create work schedules for free?

You can make a work schedule for free using ubiquitous software such as Excel and Google Sheets. To find out how, read our article on the subject.

However, this task can become complex and requires some technical know-how. That’s why several specialized programs, such as Agendrix, allow you to create schedules free of charge.

Is it possible to make a shared schedule for free?

With Agendrix, yes.

The free version of the app lets you create a schedule to print out or save and send by email.

The paid version of Agendrix allows the employees of an organization to access the complete schedule online, at any time, from a computer or their cell phone using the mobile app.

Why use a free online scheduling application?

Free scheduling apps are a simple way for anyone to create schedules quickly, particularly for those with little or no computer knowledge. Most free apps, however, purposefully limit their features to entice users to subscribe to a paid, full version of the app. Other applications offer a free trial period to allow users to explore all of the features at their leisure.

Agendrix lets you create schedules for free, with no time limit. Agendrix also offers a generous free trial period (up to 21 days) for users wishing to explore its many features without having to pay. This trial is particularly useful to see if Agendrix really is the right solution for you.

Is it possible to print out the work schedule with the free version?

Yes, once you’ve created your schedule in Agendrix, simply click Print from the menu in the upper right corner.

Does the application allow you to create free monthly schedules?

Yes, Agendrix lets you create schedules for any time period of your choosing.

Is there a limit to the number of staff schedules per week?

No; Agendrix lets you create as many schedules as you need.

Are online schedule sharing features available in the free version?

Yes, the free version of Agendrix lets you send the schedules you create by email.

However, the paid version of Agendrix lets the employees of a given organization access the full schedule online and at any time from a computer or their cell phone using the app. This is both more significantly more practical and efficient.

Is it possible to manage schedules for free with the trial version?

Yes, the trial version of Agendrix lets you fully manage all of your schedules for as long as it is active (up to 21 days).

Can the application calculate leaves for free?


Is it possible to download the schedule for free?

Yes, once you’ve created your schedule in Agendrix, simply click Print from the menu in the upper right corner. You can then download your schedule like any other web document.

How can I use your application to manage clock-in/clock-out for free?

Start your free Agendrix trial by following this link. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be able to use the time and attendance features for the duration of the trial period.

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Get up to 21 days of free full-version trial. The free plan will become active after this period.