See how Agendrix helps Brune Léveillé, a Valentine franchisee who owns 2 locations, manage his workforce.

17 employees
2 locations
3,5x faster
Restaurant industry
Client since 2017

“At first, I thought Agendrix to be a luxury. Nowadays, I’m convinced it’s an essential tool. Since students have busy schedules, Agendrix helps make everyone feel secure. Whenever changes are made along the way, everyone always has access to their schedule’s latest version.”

About Valentine

Valentine is one of Québec’s best-known fast food chain. This banner owned by the MTY Food Group includes nearly 100 franchise restaurants around the province.

Each location is a small restaurant with ten employees on average, most of whom work part-time.

Finding the right solution

Why did you choose Agendrix?

“It’s a made-in-Québec product that meets all of my needs.”


What do you like most about Agendrix?

“The ease with which I can create a schedule. I just make a copy of the previous week, make the necessary changes based on my employees’ constraints, and that’s it!”

Did you have any concerns with implementing a software such as Agendrix?

“None at all. Our employees tend to be younger and used to new technology. They thought I was trendy! They were happy to get to use a state-of-the art tool for their job.”

Were implementation and training time-consuming?

“No. Since we used to pin the schedule on the employee bulletin board, we introduced Agendrix progressively; employees helped each other.”

How do you feel about Agendrix’s customer support?

“I relied on their help very little and only at first. The team was always quick and on point!”

How did Agendrix improve your day-to-day operations?

“I don’t feel nearly as stressed out! The information is completely centralized, and I no longer have to rebuild the entire schedule due to employee unavailability or leave requests mistakes.”

User benefits

  • Fewer errors and conflicts
  • Less stress and fewer unexpected issues
  • Improved efficiency
  • Greater employee satisfaction

Before / After (weekly)

Tasks Old way With Agendrix
Scheduling  2 h 45 (using Excel) 45 minutes (maximum)

Old ways

With Agendrix


“Since I’m in charge of two different locations, I have two managers: one in Trois-Rivières, and another in Cap-de-la-Madeleine. Each manager would produce their own location’s schedule using Excel. In total, we spent about one hour weekly producing schedules for two locations.”


“My managers are still in charge of their respective location’s scheduling, but we spend at least 50% less time managing employee schedules and constraints.”

Schedule sharing

“Once the schedules were produced, my managers would print them out and then pin them to their location’s bulletin board. This means I had to go there and make sure the schedules were accurate.”

Schedule sharing

“Now, we no longer print out our schedules. This means I can check everything remotely, no matter where I am! It’s great! My employees simply have check their schedule online using their cellphone; they think it’s really handy.”

Leave management

Employee leave management was painstaking. There was no easy way to manage it all. Leave requests were either done by paper or in person, making it easy to lose or forget leave requests. The employees would then take their requests as granted and inform us at the last minute that they were unable to work when they’d see the schedule.”

Leave management

With Agendrix, employee leave requests are automatically added to the schedule the instant we approve them, making it easy for me to tell whether I can afford to authorize more of them. Employees can no longer tell us that we forgot their leave requests since the responsibility of sending requests through Agendrix is theirs.”