Rona Bois Turcotte

Rona Bois Turcotte stores have put their confidence in Agendrix to help them manage 104 employees across 3 locations in Quebec.

104 employees
3 locations
2x faster
Retail industry
Client since 2016

I finally “rescued” my Sundays! Before, I’d have to calculate payroll in front of the TV to wrap up my week, else I was just too overwhelmed to manage. There’s no way I could EVER go back!

About Rona Bois Turcotte

Rona Bois Turcotte ltée is composed of three Abitibi-Témiscamingue Rona franchises located in Amos, Malartic, and Val-d’Or.

Finding the right solution

Why did you choose Agendrix?

“I had already built an Excel schedule model, but I was looking for a tool that was simple and better structured. While browsing the Internet, I came across Agendrix. The team took a few minutes to show me their software remotely; since it seemed easy to use and I got to try it for free, I was sold instantly.”


What do you like most about Agendrix?

“Everything! The schedule, the time clock, the scheduling tools, and the reports, everything is centralized! Before, managing files, papers, emails, and everything else separately was nightmarish… there were a lot of oversights.”

How did implementation and training go?

“It was really quick and easy to learn, there’s no reason to wait to implement Agendrix; results are instantaneous.”

How did Agendrix improve your day-to-day operations?

“All this time saved lets me do work that actually matters. Before, I was overwhelmed to the point of having to work on weekends to get everything done.”

How was Agendrix received by your employees?

“The employees adopted it right away. They thought it was really cool and were happy to get to use modern quality-of-life technology.”

User benefits

  • No more oversights and mistakes
  • Working overtime no longer necessary
  • More time to work on meaningful projects
  • Greater employee satisfaction

Before / After (weekly)

Tasks Old ways With Agendrix
Scheduling 3 hours (using Excel) 1 h 15
Scheduling changes 1 hour(using Excel) 15 minutes
Schedule sharing 30 minutes Instantaneous
Time sheets 3 hours (using OGC) 2 hours
TOTAL 7 h 30 3 h 30

Old ways

With Agendrix


“In the past, I was the one handling scheduling for the departments across our three locations. Since the Excel file was on my computer’s desktop, only one person at a time could work with it. I had to spend about 3 hours per week to create the schedules.


“Now, since everyone can work with Agendrix at the same time, we’ve decentralized this task, meaning that the different managers now make their own department’s schedules. When all is done, all I have to do is review their work. In total, it takes us a little over an hour per week.

Schedule changes

“Every week, schedule changes had to be made, we didn’t really have a choice. There were always unpredictable issues to manage; with over 100 employees, there’s no escaping it. Quite the management puzzle! We had to spend over an hour every week looking for replacements for various reasons.

Schedule changes

Everything is so simple now. We just log on Agendrix for a few minutes every morning to see if there are requests, then we approve or decline them, and that’s it. Everything is centralized and schedule changes are made automatically based on our decisions.”

Schedule sharing

“Before, we wasted a lot of paper printing out copies of each version of the schedule for each employee. Sometimes, we also had to call employees to make sure changes had been seen.

Schedule sharing

“Now, since there’s only one version of the schedule around, nobody gets mixed up. Further, since the schedule is online, we’re able to see if the employees have viewed their schedule, meaning no more oversights and misunderstandings.

Time sheet management

“Before, we used OGC, Rona’s home software. I had some 16 pages of listings to add up manually because calculations were wrong, and it was pretty painstaking. This represented at least 3 hours of work per week for me, which I did on Sundays while watching TV, else I just had too much work.

Time sheet management

Now, everything is calculated automatically. I still take about 2 hours per week to verify everything, but I don’t have to calculate anything anymore. I no longer have to work on Sunday, meaning I get to enjoy life, and I certainly appreciate that!”