Riopel – Centre de rénovation

Agendrix helped the Riopel hardware store reduce its schedule management time thanks to its effective and readily accessible communication platform.

48 employees
1 location
2.5x faster
Retail industry
Client since 2017

Schedule management-wise, good employee communication is essential, and this is exactly what Agendrix provides with its simple centralizing communication tool.

About Riopel Centre de rénovation

Riopel Centre de rénovation is a Sainte-Adèle family-owned hardware store founded more than 42 years ago. Once under the banner of Rona, Riopel Centre de rénovation is now part of the Home Hardware group.

Finding the right solution

Why did you choose Agendrix?

“The owner discovered Agendrix during an exhibition show and later brought it up to the human resources manager. We then went over the different products available on the market, but Agendrix stood out because of its simplicity and its ability to adapt to the latest technologies. It was the only app to send text messages and integrate to Facebook, and offered an easy-to-use mobile version for employees. Further, it also allowed us to automatically export our time sheet data to Nethris, our payroll software.”


What do you like most about Agendrix?

“What we like the most is how accessible the schedule is. The moment we make a change in the schedule, the concerned employees are instantly notified about it. Further, we can see if the employees viewed their schedules, preventing oversights.

We also really like the news feed, which allows us to send messages to everyone or specific employee groups. We mostly use it for policy and process reminders and to invite our employees to social events. Just as with the schedule, it’s really useful to let us see who viewed our messages.”

How were implementation and training for the software?

“Everything went rather quickly! Then, we just got better over time as we discovered the different keyboard shortcuts, for example.”

How did Agendrix improve your day-to-day operations?

“We lose less time with unnecessary communications since everything is centralized. For example, leave requests in the app really made creating the schedule easier. In short, we work much more efficiently.”

How was Agendrix received by your employees?

“Most of the employees made it their own right away, but our older employees were a bit more reluctant. They simply continue check their schedule on the punch.”

User benefits

  • Less time wasted and unnecessary communications
  • Many scheduling mistakes prevented
  • Reduced stress thanks to better workforce overview
  • Greater management responsiveness

Before / After (weekly)

Tasks Old ways With Agendrix
Scheduling 6 hours (using Excel) 1 h 30
Schedule changes 1 h 30 (using Excel) 30 minutes
Schedule sharing 30 minutes(printing and calling) Instantaneous
Time sheets 3 hours weekly(cardboard cards) 1 hour weekly
TOTAL 8 hours 3 hours

Old ways

With Agendrix


“Before Agendrix, we used Excel for scheduling, and I was the one handling everything for all departments. I had to spend about 3 hours per week scheduling our 48 employees.


With Agendrix, I spend only about an hour and a half scheduling per week. It’s much easier because we can assign certain proficiencies to each employee, which gives us a better overview of the schedule.”

Schedule changes

“There was never any perfect schedule, of course, unforeseen issues happen every week. In total, I lost about an hour and a half weekly managing scheduling change puzzles.

Schedule changes

“Now, it’s much simpler as Agendrix gives me the right tools to simplify leave request and employee replacement management, meaning approving all requests takes me only about 30 minutes.

Schedule sharing

“After making a schedule, we’d print out several copies to display them in each department. Our biggest issue was that schedule changes had to be made one at a time, meaning that after each change, new copies had to be printed out to make sure everything was up to date. We also had to call the concerned employees to see that they were made aware of the changes, but we couldn’t always reach them, of course, so we had to leave messages and cross our fingers hoping they’d get them in time. I wasted about 30 minutes per week there.

Schedule sharing

“Now, it’s really simple: when we create a schedule or make changes, the concerned employees are notified instantly on their mobile app, so, we don’t have to make calls anymore.”

Time sheet management

Before Agendrix, we used a cardboard card punch. Each work shift, meal, and break had to be calculated manually. Once everything was added up, I’d verify each card by comparing the hours to the planned hours based on the latest version of the schedule. Overall, this took me 3 hours per week.

Time sheet management

“Since we’ve been using Agendrix’s time clock, verifying everything takes me no more than one hour per week. As everything is processed by a computer, calculations and rounding rules are done automatically. Agendrix even brings discrepancies between time entries and the schedule to our attention so that we may take care of them. All in all, it now takes me no more than one hour per week.