Les Enfants Terribles

Less time spent managing, more time spent with clients.

104 employees
1 location
3x faster
Restaurant industry
Client since 2016

For us, Agendrix is an advantage when hiring, it sets us apart, it adds value. Honestly, it’s a management gem. Really affordable, too.

About Les Enfants Terribles

Les Enfants Terribles is a restaurant where all generations can meet and share typical Québécois fares, revisited using the best of seasonal local products. The restaurant’s décor is one where nostalgia and originality perfectly mix and where the ambiance is warm and vibrant yet unassuming.

The Au Sommet Place Ville Marie location is the banner’s first franchise. It certainly stands out thanks to the view it offers clients from the 44th floor, one of Montreal’s highest points.

Finding the right solution

Why did you choose Agendrix?

“With over a hundred employees to manage back when we first launched, we quickly realized that trying to handle so many schedules on Excel was really impractical. Agendrix was recommended to us, and we fell in love with the software right away.”


What do you like most about Agendrix?

“I’m in love with whole software. Its interface is sharp, it’s user-friendly, and really easy to use. What I find really helpful is how the employees use the platform to send me their availability. Since many of them are students or have other commitments, the visual presentation of the information really helps me manage the staff.”

Were implementation and training time-consuming?

“What really impresses me with Agendrix is just how easy it is to learn and use. I’m not by any means tech savvy. Yet, one hour is all I needed to learn how to use the software; I was shown how to make a schedule, and my first schedule was up and published after just one hour, which I thought was awesome.”

How do you feel about Agendrix’s customer support?

“The customer service is quite outstanding! When we have questions, we just use the online chat, and someone responds right away.”

User benefits

  • Less stress thanks to schedule read confirmations
  • More time to work on other important projects
  • More time to take care of clients
  • Improved team communications

Before / After (weekly)

Tasks Old ways With Agendrix
Scheduling 7 hours (using Excel) 3 hours
Schedule changes 1 hour (using Excel) 15 minutes
Schedule sharing 30 minutes Instantaneous
Timesheets 3 hours 30 minutes
TOTAL 11 h 30 3 h 45

Old ways

With Agendrix


“When I first started working at Les Enfants Terribles, we used Excel for schedules. The location I was managing was much smaller, yet it was already getting pretty complex. With over a hundred employees back when we opened our Au Sommet Place Ville Marie location, we quickly realized that trying to manage so many schedules with Excel was really impractical.”


“Life became much easier from the moment we adopted Agendrix. This is exactly the kind of management tool we needed to improve how we communicate with our team and to free up the precious time we now use to train staff and take care of other aspects that are essential to the restaurant’s growth.”

Schedule changes

“Before, the employees would send us emails or text messages, or just ask us in person. Tracking everything was pretty hard, so obviously, mistakes were made here and there, and fixes wasted our time.”

Schedule changes

“Agendrix makes it hard to mess up! What’s so great, too, is how the employees have everything they need to submit replacement requests to their colleagues in a structured manner. Once they come to an agreement, I’m sent an alert, then I simply have to approve or decline the request.”

Schedule sharing

“As many a restaurant does, we’d print out the schedule and pin it to the billboard in the employee lounge. We also sent out copies of the schedule by email, but we always ended up sending out more than one version every week since changes had to be made along the way.”

Schedule sharing

“With Agendrix, most employees now just use the mobile app to see their schedule right on their phone. The few who don’t own cellphones simply access their schedule on a computer or on the Agendrix time clock in the restaurant, making it easy for everyone.”

Timesheet management

“Formerly, the employees would clock in or out on our POS, but the timesheets had to be done by hand since they weren’t linked to the schedules, meaning things could quickly get complex.”

Timesheet management

“There’s a tablet we use to control certain things, such as the restaurant’s music. We just added Agendrix’s time clock to it. This is how the employees clock in and out, and timesheets are automatically created in the software. We can then export reports to easily split up tips and transfer the data to our payroll system.”