Free Exit Interview Template to Download

This exit interview template contains several examples of questions used to better understand why an employee has decided to leave the company.


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What Is an Exit Interview?

An exit interview is a type of meeting where an employee is invited to discuss why they have decided to leave the company with an HR representative or manager.

The exit interview should not be conducted by a direct supervisor to allow the employee to discuss their work experience with more honesty and openness.

Why Conduct an Exit Interview?

The exit interview gives the employee an opportunity to express the real reason for their leave and to highlight potential areas of improvement.

Companies should encourage employees to participate in exit interviews, but should not force them upon employees who are not interested.

How to Prepare for an Exit Interview?

Prior to conducting an exit interview, HR professionals should prepare a list of questions. Questions should always be personalized and adapted to the situation.

During the interview, the employee should be allowed to speak freely and safely. The environment and atmosphere should feel safe for the employee.

Employees who wish to prepare for an exit interview should take notes on the subjects they want to cover during the interview to make sure they do not forget anything.

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