Accès Pharma

Discover how a single new simple application helped Alex Caron greatly simplify the management of his pharmacy's personnel.

17 employees
1 location
7x faster
Pharmaceutical industry
Client since 2017

Learning how to use a new software may seem time consuming, but playing around in Agendrix for 30 minutes is all you need to get a good grasp of how it works. Don’t overthink it; just jump right into it, step by step, and it’ll come naturally.

About Accès Pharma

Accès Pharma is a pharmacy banner dealing in several Walmart stores in Quebec. In total, it has 68 locations throughout the province.

Finding the right solution

Why did you choose Agendrix?

“For a while, my floor manager relied on your Excel schedule model he’d downloaded for free on your website. The issue here was that we could never manage to get a version of the schedule that was 100% up to date due to all the changes we had to make along the way. So, we decided to give your software a try.”


What do you like most about Agendrix?

“I really like the software’s overall ease of use, but my favorite aspect above all is how all my employees’ information can now be found in one convenient location. By having my employees’ availability displayed right in the scheduler, I get a broad overview that allows me to create the schedule really quickly without having to go over a number of different documents to avoid making errors.

Agendrix Messenger is also quite useful as it means we don’t have to deal with text messages across various personal networks. Having everything job-related centralized on the platform is great!”

Did you have any concerns with implementing a software such as Agendrix?

“For the schedule, I didn’t have any concerns, and employees got used to it quickly since Agendrix can be synced with their electronic agenda.

As for the clock and time sheets, I was a bit more apprehensive before going in, but after a week of testing, everything turned out fine.”

Were implementation and training time-consuming?

“I didn’t even ask for any training. After working with the software for about half an hour, I had pretty much understood everything on my own. I asked support a few questions at first, but that’s all the help I ever needed.”

How did Agendrix improve your day-to-day operations?

“Peace of mind, since there are way less unproductive discussions on the floor and no longer as many different platforms to manage. Schedule-related friction with employees is no longer a thing, and instead of wasting working time, employees can now decide when they submit requests outside of work. Everyone is more productive and the atmosphere is more professional than when spontaneous discussions occurred right in front of clients.”

User benefits

  • Peace of mind
  • Improved communication within the team
  • Reduced uncertainty-related stress
  • Greater efficiency and time savings

Before / After (weekly)

Tasks Old ways With Agendrix
Scheduling 1 h 30 10 minutes
Schedule changes 1 hour 5 minutes
Time sheets 30 minutes 10 minutes
TOTAL 3 hours 25 minutes

Old ways

With Agendrix


“I used to create the lab’s schedule using Excel and my manager would create the floor’s schedule using a completely different Excel file. In total, we spent about an hour and a half weekly producing the schedules for both departments.”


“Since we’ve started using Agendrix, my manager and I still handle our respective department’s scheduling, but instead of spending time creating schedules weekly, we now get to generate our schedules for an entire month. The whole process takes about 30 minutes, which is to say a bit less than ten minutes weekly, for the sake of comparison with our old method.”

Schedule changes

“There were so many schedule changes to handle that maintaining a version that was up to date with all the right information was quite challenging. In addition, it could easily take us up to one more hour of work per month just to make the necessary scheduling changes along the way and find replacements here and there. All of this was causing unnecessary stress since I was always left wondering whether the employees had seen the schedule’s latest version and show up to work.”

Schedule changes

“Now, schedule changes take only a few minutes to make, and employees are alerted instantly on their phone the moment their schedule is updated. Should we make mistakes, the employees can quickly react using the application so that we can fix everything. I’m relieved to no longer have to handle this!”

Schedule sharing

“Back when we used Excel, we’d save the schedule as a PDF, print it out to display it in the store, and email a copy to the employees.”

Schedule sharing

“Shortly after starting to use Agendrix, our employees made a habit of checking their schedule on the mobile application, meaning we no longer had to print out schedules.”

Time sheet management

“Before, we simply paid employees based on the hours planned on the schedule. When changes of more or less 15 minutes had to be made, the employees had to add them to a sheet on the employee lounge wall. In short, we relied on our team’s good faith.

I had to spend about an hour every two week to send this information to the accountant for payroll, and I had to go through several steps and validate a number of documents to make sure everything was accurate.”

Time sheet management

“Since we introduced the Agendrix time clock, I pay my employees only for the time they actually worked, and they no longer have to use a sheet to inform me of any changes.

Nowadays, it takes me about twenty minutes every two weeks to manage all time sheets. Agendrix automatically rounds off time entries based on certain parameters I’ve set, and if discrepancies between clocked hours and planed hours are identified, the system tells me exactly where to look to speed up the process.”