Hospitality Scheduling and Time Clock Software

Managing seasonal employees includes a lot of challenges. You must juggle with variable schedules as well as availability and unavailability for each of your employees. In addition, you must build an optimal schedule for the different sections of your hotel, convention center, etc. Agendrix is an online scheduling and punch in and punch out software that was designed exactly to meet the challenges you encounter in the hospitality industry.

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Online Scheduling and Time Clock Software for Hospitality

Save time

Agendrix is an employee scheduling software designed specifically to optimally process information and accelerate the decision-making process. The app helps you better plan your resources and employees.

Reduce employee turnover

Plan your receptionists, janitors, caterers and room maids by viewing them directly in the schedule planner with all their time constraints, availability and leave requests.

Improve communication

Publish multiple schedules automatically and use the bulletin board to instantly share your messages and policy notifications.

Always be ready

Open shifts allow you to react quickly when you need to schedule staff unexpectedly. It’s the perfect tool to find volunteers for shifts that need to be filled.

What our customers have to say

I have been using Agendrix to manage the schedules of our reception team (hotel) for about two months now, and I love it! It’s so simple to use! My favorite thing about it is how it allows me to aggregate all days off into a single platform. No more forgetting. I also like to see who’s browsing their schedule, especially when I make last-minute changes. This lets me see who sees these changes right away. My employees got used to it very quickly and love it too! The initial programming service was really useful to me, as was the chat for quick questions. Congratulations to your great team!

Lucy Kilgour
Manager - Best Western PLUS Centre-ville Québec

Really interesting app. Very easy to navigate.

Powerful features for your hotels

Managing schedules for hotels, bed and breakfast, boarding houses, guesthouses, hostels or other hospitality facilities can be a huge challenge. Your customers have high expectations so you want to make sure to have the right number of staff at the right time. With open shifts, It’s simple to quickly find volunteers.

Be informed of your part-time employees’ scheduling limitations and availability as well as their requests for leave or shift changes directly through the app. Spend more time managing your business and less on managing schedules.