Free Excel Schedule Template for Employee Scheduling

Free Excel Schedule Template for Employee Scheduling

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Get a free Excel template that lets you create your work schedule. This weekly Excel template allows you to easily manage your employees, their positions and ensure your labor costs stay in within your budget. When you’re done creating your employee’s schedule simply print the work schedule and pin it on your wall.

How to Use Your Excel Employee Schedule Template in 3 Easy Steps

Add employee name in the weekly excel schedule template.

Enter Your Employees

In each row of the Employees tab, enter your employees’ names and hourly rates.

Add position in the weekly schedule template.

Create Positions

In the Positions tab, enter your employees’ different positions (i.e. manager, service, cashier, etc.).


Start Scheduling!

In the Schedule tab, you now simply need to select an employee in the list to the left, enter the shift’s start and end time, and select the appropriate position.

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