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10 Ways to Save Time and Money with HR Software

Sarah Busque
Last updated on 31 Aug. 2023
Published on 12 Jul. 2023
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HR software is a powerful tool for managers looking to streamline their staff management. When used effectively, they can save you both time and money.

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Discover the 10 benefits and associated cost savings of using HR software to help you manage your staff.

1. Save time by automating recurring HR tasks

HR software centralizes employee data and simplifies internal processes.

The entire team has ready access to information, so you enjoy greater efficiency. What’s more, gathering information in a single location lowers the risk of data processing errors, as well as delays and response times for various employee requests.

With HR software, you can automate administrative tasks such as payroll, employee onboarding, absence management, and more.

💡 What’s in it for you? Your HR staff and managers are valuable assets in which you invest a lot of money. When you free them from mind-numbing tasks, they’re able to spend more time on the things that add value, like more strategic tasks for example. In turn, this can significantly reduce your labor costs.

2. Leverage data to better manage your human resources

Centralizing your HR data doesn’t just automate certain tasks.

HR software shows you helpful data that you can then analyze and use as a basis for decision-making—so you can ultimately improve your operations. For example, you can get a snapshot of estimated labor costs vs. planned resources so you know whether you’re within budget, at a glance.

computer screen with work schedule and target costs

You can track data such as your turnover rate, your team’s training needs, individual employee performance, etc. Bottom line: you’ll improve your day-to-day operations.

💡 What’s in it for you? When you always have this kind of information handy, your managers can make more informed decisions on everything from staff management to resource allocation and talent management. At the end of the day, this helps optimize your human resources expenditure.

3. Empower your team with self-service options

If I could sum up this benefit in a single word, it would be: empowerment! The more autonomous your staff members are, the lower the burden will be on your managers.

How can this be achieved?

By creating self-service schedules. Managers post shifts, and available employees with the right expertise apply. It’s as simple as that.

HR software also enables you to plan your work schedules according to employee availability and time-off requests. Some software also lets team members swap shifts, with little or no intervention required on the part of the manager.

This empowers your employees, who are able to help create their own work schedules. They can adjust the number of hours worked, exchange or add shifts, and apply for replacements and vacations. This flexibility nurtures a better work/personal life balance while also minimizing irritants for the company, such as no-call-no-shows.

💡 What’s in it for you? In addition to offering your employees greater autonomy and flexibility, you put them in charge of certain scheduling tasks. This will have a positive ripple effect on staff well-being and engagement across the team: employees will be more engaged while managers enjoy some relief. It’s a win-win!

4. Keep track of work hours

HR software is great for keeping track of your employees’ work hours. Employees can punch in and out in different ways, namely a time punch on a tablet, mobile app, computer, phone, RFID badge, etc.

Say goodbye to hand-filled time sheets or timecards with outdated time clocks. This brings down the risk of errors and manual adjustments, making your time tracking more efficient. You can even see if an employee is a no-show for a scheduled shift—in real time.

💡 What’s in it for you? By automating and centralizing everything connected to your team’s work hours, you’ll save valuable hours and keep errors to a minimum. You’ll also be able to verify planned and actual hours worked. Last but not least, you’ll significantly reduce the likelihood of time theft and overtime costs.

5. Simplify payroll

HR software automates payroll processing by connecting your employees’ timesheets to your payroll department. Once again, you can significantly reduce errors due to human manipulation, ensuring that your employees’ pay is accurate. What’s more, payroll automation takes some of the burden off your managers.

Agendrix interface with different payroll API

💡 What’s in it for you? How many hours do your managers waste every pay period due to errors on the previous payroll? Even if it’s just one hour per week, that’s one hour too many! Automate this step to free up your managers and make a better impression on your employees.

6. Optimize onboarding for your new employees

Ah, new employee onboarding. Did you know that this is your first chance to make a good impression on your freshly hired recruits? By now, you’ve probably guessed 🙃 that HR software can automate many onboarding tasks.

Examples include:

  • Information for the employee record: banking information, allergies, emergency contacts, SIN, etc.
  • Hiring documents: diploma, availability form, pre-employment survey, etc.
  • Training-related information: health and safety training, company presentation, etc.
  • You can put all this together directly in your HR management software.

How complete are your HR files?

Centralize and leverage your HR data.

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💡 What’s in it for you? Make onboarding a pleasant experience for both your new employees and your managers—who also have lots of other things to do. A simpler, more uniform onboarding process helps you stay within budget.

7. Centralize and clarify communications

According to a study by Mind Share Partners, Qualtrics and SAP, 60% of surveyed employees reported experiencing mental health challenges related to communication and cooperation issues in the workplace. This makes a convincing case for the importance of establishing clear and readily accessible communication channels at work.

HR software often includes a communication tool with different channels, such as instant messaging (text and voice messages) for private conversations and bulletin boards for team or company-wide publications.

These features make team communications much easier, since everyone can access information from their mobile devices. The information is available to all, and you can even see who has or has not read it. This can translate into a huge boost for teamwork and productivity.

Centralize your communications.

Create a professional communication space for you and your team.

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💡 What’s in it for you? Make sure that all employees have access to the information they need as quickly as possible, with a professional tool. This will save you the hassle of forcing your team members to friend you on social media so you can exchange information via Facebook Messenger, for example. Protect your employees’ privacy and keep communications strictly professional within your HR software.

8. Never miss training and professional development opportunities for your team

Whether you’re a restaurant franchise owner, a retail manager, or an executive for a retirement home, it’s very much to your advantage to develop the potential of your existing employees.

According to a Gallup study, replacing a single employee costs between half and double their annual salary, conservatively speaking. For a retail clerk earning $17/hour and working 20 hours per week (total of $17,690/year), the replacement cost comes out to $8,840 to $35,360$. 🤑

Offering training and skills development is a great way to engage your employees and keep them with you for as long as possible. HR software lets you centralize all information pertaining to your professional development programs, directly in each employee’s record.

💡 What’s in it for you? Document your one-on-one meetings, completed training courses and employee aspirations in your HR management software. Grow your team according to each person’s ambitions and avoid oversights. You’ll improve your employee engagement as well as retention rates. Indirectly, you’ll be avoiding the costs of replacing a departing employee.

9. Document your performance management

Are certain employees often late to work? Have others failed to show up for a scheduled shift 3 times in the past month? Use your HR software to gather this information and rigorously track absences.

It will then be easier for you to explain why, for example, you are no longer giving the Friday night shift to a waitress at your restaurant. Beyond scheduling issues, you can document individual meetings, incident reports and performance evaluations directly in your employee records.

You’ll be able to follow up on your performance management more thoroughly, identify specific objectives, track your employees’ progress, provide recognition for a job well done, and much more. Your process will become more consistent, and your employees more motivated.

A bit of recognition makes all the difference.

Improved recognition. Stronger sense of belonging. Better retention.

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💡 What’s in it for you? Your managers will be able to make data-driven decisions for team performance reviews. In addition to heightening your employees’ job satisfaction and, by the same token, staff retention, good performance management helps you better allocate your resources. In turn, this can bring down labor costs.

10. Benefit from a tool that’s available anytime, anywhere

Good HR software will come in a mobile version (in addition to a web version) so that your employees can access it at any time, according to their needs. They’ll be able to easily access their work schedules, request time off or replacements, complete surveys you’ve sent them, exchange messages with colleagues without having to use Facebook, and a great deal more.

Everything is centralized in a single place, for everyone, at all times.

💡 What’s in it for you? Your employees can choose when they want to consult various information—all without having to physically come to the workplace or make lots of individual requests to their managers.

HR software, an exceptional management tool

HR software such as Agendrix drives successful businesses in a wide range of sectors, including restaurants, retail outlets, pharmacies and retirement homes.

These programs enable you to share information, improve communication, meet your team’s scheduling requirements, and develop the full potential of every single employee.

Are you ready to improve your employees’ satisfaction and commitment—and your company’s productivity—as well as optimize your operating costs?

HR software is the key!

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Your questions answered.

What is HR software?

HR software, also referred to as a human resources management system (HRMS), is a tool that facilitates all aspects of staff management at an organization.

It will generally offer a range of features to automate the administrative and operational tasks of human resources managers and executives.

What are the benefits of HR software?

HR software helps automate processes, optimize human resources management and improve business efficiency. It makes communication and collaboration easier between employees, managers and HR professionals.

Key benefits of HR software:

  • Automating recurring HR tasks
  • Providing access to data to help better manage human resources
  • Empowering teams with self-service schedules
  • Precisely tracking time worked
  • Simplifying payroll
  • Optimizing new employee onboarding
  • Centralizing and clarifying communications
  • Seizing training and professional development opportunities for teams
  • Documenting performance management
  • Being available anytime, anywhere

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