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Customer Feedback: The Key to Success

Samuel Roy
Last updated on 5 Jun. 2023
Published on 8 Aug. 2019

Customer feedback is essential; without it, businesses lose their ability to adapt rapidly. Here at Agendrix, it is the engine for our development.

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Be Receptive

Your prices are too high, some of the goods or services you offer are unpopular, your customers want things you don’t have… this is commonplace feedback for businesses.

Use criticism to build up your assets and better position yourself in your market. Every constructive comment is a source of inspiration for improvement. As an entrepreneur and a manager, you put a lot of energy in making your goods and services work and pleasing people. This sometimes makes it difficult to take criticism well, even though it’s essential.

Encourage Feedback

Many businesses only base themselves on verbal criticism from their clients. But by doing that, you’ll mostly hear what you want to hear. Why? Many people won’t tell you what they really think, out of a fear of offending you. This is they verbal feedback just isn’t enough.

Too many businesses make no effort to collect more feedback from their clients. In many cases, they let friends and family—who are biased from the get-go—be their only regular source of criticism.

Set up multiple means to collect worthwhile feedback, and let your clients say what they really think, without fear of judgment.

Use the Right Tools

Get feedback from as many clients as possible. A simple way of doing so is adding an anonymous comment box. You could make a suggestion and comment form easily accessible on your website.

Certain organizations have written surveys; others add a comment box to their websites. Here at Agendrix, we use Intercom, a wonderful tool that is friendly to apps such as ours. Intercom provides our application with a chat bubble that enables all users to tell us about their experience at any time, be they employees or managers.

Take Action

No matter what type of business you manage, facilitating communication with your customers is paramount. Don’t wait for negative comments to show up on rating websites or social media before adjusting. The fewer steps and barriers there are to give you feedback, the more you’ll receive, and the better equipped you’ll be to make the right business decisions.

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