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6 Recruitment Strategies to Attract Great Employees

Véronique Forest
Véronique Forest
March 23, 2022
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A well-crafted recruitment strategy makes the difference between successful hiring… and failure.

A recruitment strategy consists of all the actions, decisions, and means put in place to fill vacancies at a company. It also encompasses strategic planning in order to anticipate the creation of a new position and avoid being short-staffed.

In today’s context of labor shortages, where recruiting is increasingly difficult, it is crucial for companies of all sizes to have effective strategies for their recruitment plans.

Let’s take a look at the most common ones.

1. Emphasizing Your Company’s Values

Does your company place significant value on the environment, a spirit of fun, or the diversity of its employees? Just say so! People want to work for companies whose values matter to them and tie in with their own values, as this gives meaning to their work. They will be more motivated to apply for positions at companies they admire.

There are so many examples of organizations that do an amazing job promoting their values. A good example in Quebec is the company Poches & Fils, which is renowned for their fun and laugh-out-loud working culture. This is apparent in the description on their “About” page:

Born in a living room
Straight outta the Varennes suburbs, Quebec’s fashion hub, Poches & Fils sewn its first pocket in 2014. In fact, it was Josée who crafted the first pockets in her living room while the boys were playing outside. The burger print pocket created so much buzz that Anthony abandonned his master degree, his home and his motherland.

To cater to the growing demand, he scouted his football teammate Nick. They officially launched Poches & Fils in January 2015, even though they had no web or fashion experience. However, having played for several years, they were quite familiar with the idea of a “pocket”.

The company was then founded with what they had left: effort and determination. Inspired by T. Ferris, they were able to fit “6 weeks of 4 hours” in every work day.

Their tone on social media is light, with jokes and self-deprecating humor. Poches & Fils has very effectively set the stage for any candidate who would like to be part of their team.

2. Showcasing Your Corporate Culture

We all spend so much time at work that people want to feel good there, and rightly so! Individuals want to know more about your corporate culture before applying for a job.

Companies’ culture is what sets them apart from others and draws in talent. It includes company history, values, traditions, workplace, dress code, and more. So don’t hesitate to introduce yourself in your job postings so that people feel like they really know you.

Use social media to spotlight daily life at your organization, and feel free to add some flair to your “About” page.

At Agendrix, for example, we always share our team activities on our Instagram page. We also promote the initiatives of our Care collective, whose mission is to support causes important to Agendrix team members.

And most importantly, we always tailor our job postings so that they reflect our corporate culture.

For Example

Our mission to make management about people first already gives you a good idea of how we think and work!

We are a team of over 35 young, driven, and competent individuals.

Do you have ideas? Share them with us! Have an opinion? We’d like to know it and we like being challenged. Are you the type of person who likes to try new ways of doing things or new tools? Here, initiative is encouraged! In fact, when you arrive at Agendrix, each department manager will take the time to introduce you to what is being done in their team so that you have a better grasp of what is going on at the company as a whole.

I personally will assist you every step of the way so that you learn the ropes at your own pace.

Bottom line, we’re a fun (and growing) gang that enjoys work every day.

3. Offering Competitive Benefits

Attracting and recruiting employees is not just a matter of offering a good salary or guaranteed hours. According to recent studies, beyond a salary, people are looking for flexibility at work and the ability to better juggle their work and personal lives.

To be able to offer attractive benefits, be open and chat with your employees to better understand their needs. This will help make sure that the work conditions you are offering truly appeal to them. Your current and future employees alike will benefit.

Don’t settle for offering your employees the bare minimum. Going the extra mile is what will set you apart from other employers.

Here are a few ideas in the way of benefits to offer your employees:

  • Additional days off;
  • Flexible schedules;
  • Attractive discounts on your products or services;
  • Additional sick leave;
  • Competitive salaries;
  • Free snacks;
  • Efficient work tools;
  • Paid training.

4. Setting Up a Referral Program

A referral program is an easy strategy to establish in any workplace. It simply comes down to encouraging employees to recommend candidates for open positions. If that candidate is hired, the recommender receives a reward, which can be in the form of a gift or bonus.

Having a referral program makes recruitment easier and less expensive. It will also provide you with a pool of candidates who are not necessarily looking for a new job.

This strategy is especially effective for workplaces where recruitment is more of a challenge.

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For this strategy to be maximally effective, your employees must first become ambassadors for your company. This way, they will be able to make you look your best to potential candidates.

5. Investing in Employee Satisfaction and Well-being

To make your employees into ambassadors, invest in their well-being and satisfaction.

There are a multitude of benefits to having happy, satisfied employees—from greater productivity and improved customer service to lower employee turnover and so much more.

And if your employees feel good working at your company, they will not hesitate to speak of your organization in glowing terms, whether in terms of your products, services or working conditions. This will make it easier to recruit since they will strengthen your employer brand.

In the long run, making employee satisfaction a priority will foster loyalty, and your retention rates will soar.

6. Having a Well-established Recruitment Process

To be effective, a recruitment strategy must start with a thoughtful recruitment process. Being organized and well-structured will maximize your chances of hiring the right candidate the first time around.

Start by clearly defining your company’s current and (projected) future needs. This will help you determine which positions will need to be filled in the short and medium term.

Next, write up the job description to establish the position’s roles and responsibilities, skills and requirements, candidate profile, etc. Be sure to personalize your job posting so that it reflects your company culture and piques the curiosity of candidates.

Throughout the recruitment process, make sure the experience is pleasant and enjoyable for candidates. Evaluate applications with the help of an objective evaluation grid. Conduct an initial phone interview (roughly 15-20 minutes) with the candidates you are interested in and invite the best ones to an interview. Use recruitment tests as needed.

Recruitment Is a Long-term Endeavor

Of course, all of the strategies presented in this post require time and energy before they begin to pay off. Some of them cannot be implemented without being combined with another strategy.

But when the right recruitment strategies are in place and well established, the benefits will eventually follow. Start crafting your strategies today!


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