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Your All-In-One Employee Management Solution

Michaël Thibault
Last updated on 15 Dec. 2023
Published on 14 Sep. 2022

Back in March, we proudly announced the launch of two new features—People Data and Onboarding—designed to better meet the HR-related needs of our user base.

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This announcement also featured our bold objective of making Agendrix your all-in-one solution for all things employee management. Bearing this goal in mind, we’re proudly launching yet another module today. Introducing: HR.

HR in a Nutshell

The HR module will open up a number of features and modules dedicated to collecting HR-relevant information. The Plus Plan currently includes the following:

  • Surveys, a new submodule which we’ll detail further down below;
  • People Data, an existing submodule that underwent improvements since its release.

Note that this module is going to be in continuous development; more and more features and modules will be integrated over time. We’ll keep you updated.

Why an HR Module?

Over the years, we learned a lot about the human side of management, be it through interacting with our clients or gaining experience as our business grew. We eventually realized that understanding and flexibility were among the most important factors in employee retention.

Without the proper tools, however, one will find it difficult to provide any real flexibility, no matter how well intentioned. Agendrix was always about simplifying redundant processes and making management information accessible. As such, the module is merely a way for us to broaden our offer and solve increasingly more management pain points.

Surveys: Taking the Pulse and Gathering Feedback

Our Surveys module provides a new, convenient way to poll your employees about any number of subjects directly or indirectly related to their work. Among other things, you’ll be able to:

  • Send out a series of customized questions, anonymously or not, through surveys managed entirely in Agendrix;
  • Keep track of the completion rate of any ongoing survey;
  • Centralize the responses with simple reports.

This initial version of the module will be improved further over the following months. Some of the upcoming features include:

  • The ability to build questionnaires from various survey templates prepared by our in-house HR experts;
  • New sharing options, such as scheduled surveys and respondent selection;
  • New ways to customize the look of your surveys.

A People-First Work Culture

Why create an employee survey module? We believe that in many cases, the employees are the ones who have the most insights about the strengths and shortcomings of their place of work. However, we also realize that managers seldom have access to tools that would allow them to efficiently reach out for feedback.

The Surveys module is intended to become a convenient way of leveraging the unique point of view of every person—and to turn these insights into objective data that accurately reflect the day-to-day life within an organization.

Furthermore, giving a voice to every member of your team is a time-tested way of making them feel more engaged and thus improve their work satisfaction.

People Data: Custom Fields Have Arrived

Custom information fields can now be added to employee profiles. These fields allow you to better centralize the HR-related information of your staff in one convenient place in Agendrix. For instance, you could create fields to keep track of individual training (health, security, etc.), seniority, measurements, or any other data deemed relevant.

Custom fields are a particularly important addition to the module as they supplement the existing “standard” fields:

  • Primary language
  • Secondary languages
  • Gender
  • Civil status
  • Educational level
  • Type of compensation
  • Reason for leaving

Since the beta test launched back in March was successful, People Data is now an integral part of the HR module.

Ready to Give HRs a Try?

To start your free trial of the HR module:

  1. Launch Agendrix, then hover over the HR tab in the left menu.
  2. In the submenu, click Surveys.
  3. At the bottom of the page, click Start free trial.

We’re Just Getting Started

Along with our Onboarding and High Fives modules developed earlier this year, this module reiterates our commitment to providing an evermore comprehensive people management solution. More features will be added to the module over time to better respond to the growing popularity of people-first HR.

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