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Two New Modules: Onboarding + People Data

Michaël Thibault
Last updated on 15 Dec. 2023
Published on 9 Mar. 2022
New HR modules in the scheduling software Agendrix

Two new complementary modules will now allow you to better collect, centralize, and share information that is essential to good HR management.

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For several years now, many managers have been using Agendrix to fulfill a number of needs relating to the administration of human resources. However, these needs were always incidental to the management of employee schedules and timesheets, the core features of Agendrix.

Up until today.

It is with great pride that we seize the release of our latest modules as an opportunity to also share our ambition: To make Agendrix your single window for all your personnel management needs.

The Onboarding and People Data modules introduced today are but a foretaste of the many features dedicated to the management of human resources planned over the next few years.

Onboarding: Getting to Know and Guiding New Hires

Our new Onboarding module helps you oversee the onboarding of new employees in your organization while collecting information needed for HR purposes.

Better onboarding, improved retention.

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Upon activation, the module will notably allow you to:

  • Automatically send a welcome message to newly hired employees;
  • Provide easy access to the contact information of the main point of contact should questions or issues arise;
  • Create a series of customizable questions to get to know your employees;
  • Easily gather the personal information of employees needed for HR management purposes.

People Data: Better Manage Personal Information

We built our People Data module for the purpose of consolidating the personal information of your employees directly in Agendrix.

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Today’s update adds a number of new information fields to employee profiles which can be filled out by managers or the employees concerned themselves, including:

  • Allergies;
  • Particular situation;
  • Emergency contacts;
  • Employment status.

The new People Data module also allows managers to add the following fields to employee profiles:

  • Primary language;
  • Secondary languages;
  • Gender;
  • Civil status;
  • Education level;
  • Type of compensation;
  • Reason for leaving.

Any field deemed unnecessary can also be removed based on the needs of the organization.

Note that a custom field feature is currently in the works for a future update. Other fields (banking information, social security number) will also be made available; stay tuned.

To Try Out the New Modules

To learn how to enable the Onboarding module in your organization, please refer to the following article. To enable People Data, refer to this article.

Your questions answered.

Are the New Modules Free?

Yes. Over the course of the year, however, further features and modules available by subscription will be developed.

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