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Agendrix Becomes a Certified Great Place to Work

Andrée-Anne Blais-Auclair
Last updated on 22 May. 2024
Published on 17 Oct. 2023

Our Great Place to Work certification has just been renewed for the second year in a row. We welcome this news with pride: it’s a great token of appreciation for organizations that, according to their employees, offer an exceptional workplace.

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Since our beginnings in 2015, we have made employee wellness a top priority. We have always been convinced that it is one of the most important ingredients for a successful business.

In 2020 we even decided to make wellness a business goal. “Building the best tech-company culture in Canada” has become an objective that we take very seriously.

Great Place to Work certification was the next logical step for us, providing an external confirmation of having achieved this goal.

According to Sébastien Charland, CFO at Agendrix, the external, independent evaluation required to secure Great Place to Work certification has allowed us to demonstrate our position as an employer of choice. The certification also gives an objective point of view on our current practices and avenues for improvement based on best practices from around the world. We are honored to have achieved this certification, which cements the credibility of our employer brand.

In 2024, we have been named #1 Best Workplace in Canada among organizations with fewer than 100 employees.

Great Place to Work certification: a globally recognized honor

Great Place to Work certification has existed for 30 years and is awarded to organizations that achieve a threshold of 70 percent positive answers to the Trust Index survey. The survey is sent to all employees of a company and is entirely anonymous.
It assesses several aspects of workplace culture.

👉The Trust Index helps analyze employees’ perceptions of their workplace, examine the results in light of key criteria, and receive tailored recommendations.

In addition to the survey results, the organization must submit information on its programs and practices. The certification is valid for 12 months, so that companies must maintain their exceptional practices.

Why provide a good workplace for our team?

One of the hallmarks of a good workplace is the trust employees have in their employer, the pride they have in the company they work for, and the positive working relationships they enjoy there.

A good workplace will foster a more successful business, since employees are at the heart of organizations. A low employee turnover—the logical result of a good workplace—will significantly enhance productivity, employer brand, and recruitment.

We are happy to report that Agendrix has a near-perfect employee retention rate. 🤩

With all the efforts we have made in the last few years to create one of the best tech-company cultures in Quebec, we now needed an objective assessment of our progress in order to determine our next steps.

– Sébastien Charland, CFO

Agendrix, a Great Place to Work

Not a year goes by without us questioning our staff management practices. Our ultimate goal is always to meet the real needs of our team. And needs change as our team grows—so we need to reassess often.

In recent years, to promote our team’s well-being, we have revamped both our practices and our offer to employees:

  • A workplace where everyone’s opinion is valued
  • Regular one-on-one meetings between the immediate supervisor and each employee
  • Performance evaluations every 4 months for the entire team
  • Monthly or bimonthly satisfaction surveys
  • Monthly team-building activities
  • A very light horizontal hierarchical structure and available managers
  • Community involvement through our “Care” sustainable development committee
  • Contributing to an innovative product that is improving the lives of workers in over 13,000 workplaces
  • Entirely flexible work schedules
  • 100% telecommuting policy for those who want it
  • 4% employer contribution to employee RRSPs
  • 3 additional wellness days per year (in addition to the 2 days already offered, for a total of 5)
  • A 35 (as opposed to 40) hour work week
  • $1,000 financial support for home workstation ergonomics
  • Annual sports allowance of $300 per year
  • 4 weeks of vacation per year from the first year of employment
  • Webinar series offered on a variety of topics (health, nutrition and finance)

Employee wellness needs to be tracked… and at frequent intervals!

Beyond these attractive conditions or benefits, what we really value is our employees’ well-being. And the only way to secure their well-being is to directly ask our employees what they need.

This is why we believe it is crucial to anonymously survey all employees on a regular basis and measure their satisfaction. Not only do we ask them what they think of newly introduced perks, we also ask them about many other aspects, such as their relationship with their manager, team relationships, fairness at the company, and more.

We consider this aspect so important that we have even developed a survey feature in our app. The new feature was important in order to provide managers with the necessary tools to adopt more people-centred management practices.

How about you? What practices do you intend to put in place to support your team’s well-being?


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