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Managing Employee Timesheets: Excel vs. Agendrix

By Véronique Forest January 26 2022

For companies, managing employee timesheets is inescapable.

Employees must fill out timesheets in order to be able to track their work hours. The payroll manager must then validate each timesheet, i.e., make sure that the hours clocked in are correct, that there are no missing time entries, that overtime is properly accounted for, etc.

The timesheets must then be sent over to an accounting department so that employees will get their pay. All these steps are essential for a company to run smoothly.

To facilitate timesheet management, many companies are turning to software.

Let’s compare how Excel and Agendrix scheduling software can help manage employee timesheets.

Clocking Work Hours


With Excel, employees have to write their working hours (arrival, departure, breaks) on a sheet of paper or in an Excel document. This means managers must rely on employees’ honesty to keep track of their hours.

Each employee’s hours must then be manually compiled in a single Excel document.

Excel Grid with date and name


With Agendrix, employees clock in and out directly in the app, which keeps a record of their entries and exits. Managers can use the device of their choice to clock their employees’ time entries, i.e., tablet, smartphone, computer, landline phone, etc.

The software shows you at a glance if the hours clocked in and out match the hours in the schedule. Attendance sheets are available online, and can be printed if necessary.

The app can even alert you when an employee doesn’t clock in. Managers can also activate the COVID questionnaire option to make sure that their employees aren’t sick.

agendrix time and presence interface

When employees clock in and out, they can also leave notes for their managers. For example, they might mention that they worked an extra 30 minutes at the request of another supervisor. This makes it easier to manage irregularities in attendance sheets.

Attendance Sheet Approval


With Excel, managers have to check each time entry manually. They also need to verify that the clocked hours match the scheduled hours in order to track their labor costs.

If a time entry seems to be missing, they have to get in touch with the employees concerned, by phone, email or text message, to validate everything and make sure they have the right data to take care of payroll.

Excel grid with employees shifts


Agendrix software lets you automatically approve time entries that meet managers’ criteria. For example, if the clocked hours match the hours planned in the schedule, the hours can be pre-approved automatically.

Any punching-related issues are highlighted. If an employee didn’t clock in or clocked out before or after their scheduled hours, managers will have to manually approve these hours.

Labor cost tracking is automatic in the app based on scheduled hours.

various interface from time and attendance

Exporting Timesheets to the Payroll System


With Excel, there’s no way to automate the process of exporting timesheets to a payroll system. Managers must manually upload an Excel document to the payroll system in the required format.


With Agendrix, once the timesheets are approved, managers can export them directly into their payroll software in a single click. Agendrix offers integrations with popular payroll software.

Alternatively, working hours can be exported in an Excel document so that managers can send it to their accountant.

Integrations proposed by Agendrix (Acomba, Lightspeed, Hopem, Nethris, EmployeurD, Quickbooks).

Why Choose Excel?

Excel is an inexpensive solution that requires no additional purchases since most companies already use the Microsoft suite in their daily operations.

However, using Excel to manage timesheets heightens the risk of errors. Given that the software is unavailable online, information sharing and protection is more difficult. And follow-up with employees is more complex.

💡 Excel is a good solution for small teams and for companies with employees who always work the same hours.

Why Choose Agendrix?

Agendrix scheduling software is a more expensive solution than Excel. However, it lets you automate a myriad of processes and saves a great deal of time for managers.

With Agendrix, employee payrolls are less prone to errors. This in turn enhances employee satisfaction and trust. The software is easy to use, and the customer service department offers support for both managers and employees.

timesheet interface with timeoff drawer

💡 Agendrix scheduling software is an excellent solution for teams of more than 5 employees and for companies that need to manage variable working hours (days, evenings, nights, weekends, etc.).

Managing your employees’ timesheets is a crucial task for your company to be able to run smoothly. You owe it to yourself to use effective tools that genuinely meet your needs.

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