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23 Ideas for a Dazzling Office Christmas Party

Sarah Busque
Last updated on 22 Dec. 2023
Published on 11 Oct. 2022
woman and man wearing a Santa hat singing in a microphone

Throwing an office Christmas party is a great way to show your employees appreciation for their work, as well as provide an opportunity for team building!

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Office Christmas parties are a must for employers looking to highlight their teams’ achievements. But why stick to the traditional team dinner?

This post will give you a few ideas to spice up your office parties, grouped under different themes:

  • Musical Christmas office party
  • Christmas party for foodies
  • Wacky combination Christmas office party
  • Sports-themed Christmas party
  • Responsible Christmas party
  • Office Christmas party for remote teams
  • Extravagant Christmas party

Musical Christmas office party

Do you have a groovy team that loves beats? Give them the gift of music! Just make sure you know their musical taste. This office Christmas party theme is not necessarily for all types of teams, but it will appeal to music lovers.

1. Karaoke

Unleash your inner Celine Dion: invite your team to sing. Find a karaoke night at a local establishment. Can’t find one? Rent a room and a karaoke machine (or find a DJ) for a private office party. Who knows, you may discover hidden talents on your team.

🎄From Rupert Holmes’ Escape (The Piña Colada Song) to Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’, revisit the classics that will get even the shiest participants singing along.

2. Show tickets

Is an exciting concert coming to your area this holiday season? Invite your team to come together for a musical performance. Choose an artist or group that will really rouse the crowd.

🎄For an extra dazzling experience, check with the concert venue to see if they have a VIP area.

3. Private concert

If you really want to stun your team, organize a private musical performance for them. Plan some time after the show for a meet and greet with the artist. This is sure to be epic for your employees!

🎄If this option isn’t realistic for your company, you can get together with other franchises or organizations in your area to share the costs.

Christmas party for foodies

Is your team especially fond of food? Let the gourmet festivities begin! A food-themed office Christmas party is sure to be a tasty treat for your employees.

4. Cooking classes

If your team members enjoy cooking, this is the option for you. There are so many styles to choose from— Italian cuisine with homemade pasta, Indian cuisine, sushi making, etc. Just be sure you know each team member’s comfort level in the kitchen so the class will be right for them. And check if they have any food allergies, to avoid unpleasant surprises.

🎄The best part of all is that you get to eat your creations!

5. Mixology classes

Is your team into cocktails? Invite a mixologist and learn a bunch of cocktail recipes. Survey employees to see if there are any recipes they’re interested in or if it’s carte blanche! Make sure you have alcohol-free options on hand: mocktails can be just as tasty.

🎄For a custom souvenir, order corporate glasses that employees will be able to keep.

6. An international flavor

Fly your team to the Mediterranean or the Caribbean for an evening…. or why not to Mexico? No plane tickets required. Just pick a restaurant in your area that offers original cuisine for a more conventional corporate Christmas party with an exotic twist.

🎄In the Eastern Townships, for example, Kalypso, Guacamole y Tequila and Bistro Kóz offer delicious meals.

Wacky combination Christmas party

Does your team like unusual activities or want to revisit the classics? Here are a few ideas that might appeal to them.

7. Ugly sweater and bowling theme

Bowling is affordable and quite classic for a corporate Christmas party. Why not spice things up a bit by combining this with an ugly Christmas sweater theme?

🎄A contest for most original sweater will help boost participation.

8. Movie and pajama party

This option can be tailored to teams of all sizes. Invite everyone to dress up in their best or funniest pajamas for the occasion. Small team? Turn your conference room into a home theatre. Big team? Rent out a room in a movie theatre. Be sure to supply the popcorn and snacks. Opt for a Christmas movie for a cozy and festive atmosphere.

🎄You can also take things up a notch with a marathon of classic films such as Home Alone and Die Hard.

9. Holiday-themed escape game

Escape games are an interesting activity that will bring out your employees’ analytical and cooperation skills. They’re also an opportunity for different teams to connect. If there’s a Christmas-themed option available in your area, it can be even more fun.

🎄Create teams with employees from each department to help everyone make new connections.

10. Outdoor dance party and food trucks

At one of my previous jobs, we had an Igloofest-themed Christmas party. Everyone dressed up and some even brought out their 1980s snowsuits. Add to this a good playlist to dance to, outdoor games for extra fun, and food trucks for everyone to enjoy!

🎄A fun and original idea for larger teams.

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Sports-themed office Christmas party

Do you have a lively team that loves a good adrenaline rush? A sporty company party will rally everyone together and even sometimes awaken their competitive spirit. Bonus tip: schedule it on a workday and give everyone the day off!

11. Downhill skiing and snowboarding day

Are you located somewhere close to downhill skiing and snowboarding amenities? This outing will appeal to beginners and enthusiasts alike.

🎄Offer equipment rentals for those without equipment, and lessons for beginners.

12. Skating or snowshoeing

For a less expensive activity that will still allow you to enjoy the outdoors, try a winter outing. Whether it’s a snowshoeing trip in a local national park or skating on idyllic trails, your employees will make many lasting memories!

🎄 Offer Baileys coffee and hot chocolate to sweeten the deal.

 13. Curling match

Who has never dreamed of trying this sport? Rent a curling facility for your team. Put on a competition between your company’s different departments. It’s guaranteed to be a blast; we know from experience!

🎄Have a trophy ready for the winning team; it can then ornament your workspace for the rest of the year.

14. Climbing

Is your team not so fond of winter? Put your team’s physical and mental skills to the test with a climbing party. Better yet, choose a centre where you can have a drink together afterwards. Why not rent the entire centre or offer a training option?

🎄In Magog, check out D-Vert—a great place to climb and enjoy a drink and a snack.

 15. Indoor free fall

Want to take the adrenaline up a notch? Try indoor skydiving. Another great idea for those who don’t like going out in the cold. This activity is ideal for small teams who love thrills.

Responsible Christmas party

It’s a fact that giving to others is always heartwarming and positively impacts our self-esteem and happiness. A responsible Christmas party is an opportunity to showcase the generosity of your team members. Here are a few team-building ideas that also encourage social responsibility and can be held throughout the year.

16. Give out Christmas baskets or toys

The holiday season is a difficult time for families in need. Join forces with an organization in your area to make a positive impact in your neighborhood. In the Eastern Townships, the Fondation Rock Guertin and the Banque alimentaire Memphrémagog hand out food baskets, while the Sherbrooke firefighters toy drive helps give toys to children.

🎄At Agendrix, our Care Committee allows us to be involved in our community throughout the year.

17. Volunteering with local organizations

Would you like to make a difference but in a different way? Get in touch with organizations in your area to see if they need help. Find an activity that will benefit both your team and people in need.

🎄If you don’t know where to start, organizations such as Centraide can match you with a cause in your area.

18. Visit a retirement home

Retirement homes can be found in virtually any city. Contact those near your company and see if they offer the possibility of visiting or coming to play board games with the residents. Go as a team. Before the outing, take the time to write some greeting cards that you’ll be able to give everyone. While you’re at it, why not wear holiday-themed clothing such as Santa hats?

🎄And if you want to take the concept even further… Sing Christmas carols to make the residents’ day.

Christmas parties for remote teams

If some or all of your team members work remotely, you can still organize something original to highlight everyone’s hard work. One thing you can do is have a boxed lunch from a local restaurant delivered to each employee’s doorstep. Why not also throw in a bottle of wine or a basket of local beers? If this option is too much of a hassle, you can also just dedicate a budget and let everyone order what they like.

 19. Holiday-themed escape game

Did you know that escape games can also be played remotely? A number of companies specialize in remote escape games that include an activity leader who will know how to keep the game moving along. This is a great alternative for more analytical types and is also fantastic for team-building.

🎄Choose a team escape game rather than an individual one, to rally everyone together!

20. Trivia night

Test your team’s general knowledge with a quiz on various topics. You can turn to an agency specializing in quizzes, with or without facilitation. If you have team members who love trivia and quizzes, organize this together with them. You can tailor the quiz questions to your team and industry to make it a resounding success.

🎄Invite everyone to dress up in a festive or formal outfit to really make it a party.

 21. Pub crawl or wine tasting

Does your team like tastings? Have an aperitif box delivered to everyone’s home and then jump online for an online happy hour. You can have boxes made to order with a sampling of local products. As a bonus, add a gourmet snack. Happiness guaranteed!

🎄To liven things up a bit, you can also try a poker-themed wine tasting!

Extravagant holiday parties

Is your company flourishing and would you like to spoil your employees with a little extravagance? Here are a few suggestions that never fail to impress.

22. Weekend getaway

Why not allow everyone to disconnect for a weekend? Offer 2 overnight stays, meals included. And why not include access to a spa? There’s no smoother way to end the year.

23. A week under the sun

Does your team love to party and you happen to have a big budget? Invite everyone to finish out the year in the sun. Be sure to plan the trip before or after the holidays so it won’t interfere with vacation and personal time.

🎄Go for 5 days instead of 7, to allow as many people as possible to join in the fun!

The office Christmas party as a team-building moment

In addition to providing your employees with recognition, a team Christmas party helps develop team spirit, boost motivation and give everyone a well-deserved break. To make sure everyone has a great time, survey your employees so you can impress them even more next year!

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