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How Technology Is Supporting HR Management

Véronique Forest
Last updated on 6 Dec. 2023
Published on 13 Jan. 2021
Gestionnaire qui utilise la technologie afin de faire la gestion des ressources humaines de son entreprise

I’m sure the cliché of machines displacing the “human resource” on the job market is familiar to you. It’s been used time and time again in science-fiction—but can it really happen?

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One thing’s for certain: technology is more and more pervasive. Yet it can’t (and won’t) completely replace humans. Think of all the tasks that require emotional intelligence, for example.

On the contrary, good technological tools allow humans to reclaim their place at the heart of businesses. They free up time for the work that really matters. For example, some tools automate timesheet management, letting managers focus on more important tasks.

Now is a good time to challenge the perspective that technology and humanity are two separate or opposing domains. We believe that they can work together to deliver much greater value.

Now, however, it’s time to challenge the view that technology and humanity are distinct domains, or even fundamentally at odds. We believe that the greater value often comes from a fusion of the two.

Deloitte concurs: A sound use of technology helps reconcile organizations with their human sides and social roles.

Technology Reduces Irritants

Good technological tools allow businesses to eliminate the most cumbersome processes.

With a complete HR management solution for example, instead of calling employees one by one to find a replacement, you can simply send a request to all qualified and available employees. The first to volunteer gets the shift. It’s as simple as that.

Employee management simplified.

Online work schedules. Time clock. Communication.

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Good tools can also enable you to respect your staff’s private lives. What disturbed me the most with my student jobs was being friends with my bosses on Facebook. I found it intrusive, and it sometimes made be uneasy. However, I knew I couldn’t escape it: it was the only way they had of communicating with the whole team.

To respect their staff’s private lives, businesses should use tools devised specifically for professional communications. Not Facebook. In fact, this is why we added an internal messaging tool to Agendrix.

Technology allows managers to do what they’re uniquely suited to accomplish, by simplifying other, more ordinary or repetitive tasks.

Technology Helps You Adapt

Since technology simplifies a lot of tasks, businesses that use the right tools become more agile. This allows them to adapt to change more easily.

Consider how the COVID-19 pandemic upended the way people consume. Suddenly, businesses were forced to go online to stay afloat. Those who already had an online platform had quite the head start.

When useful and efficient technologies are put in place, teams are able to tackle urgent situations more rapidly. Technology lets us identify solutions and get organized in a flash before the unexpected even occurs, and often increases the flexibility of those who embrace it.

Here at Agendrix, for many months now, we’ve been using an online tool that allows us to survey employees regularly on their wellbeing and working conditions (anonymously, of course). This has allowed management to ensure that the working conditions are truly meeting their needs. Since our team has been growing, having something like that quickly became necessary.

Technology Makes You Save

Yes, you read that right: good technological tools save you money. In my opinion, what costs businesses the most are the expenses incurred by inadequate tools (be they technological or otherwise), and by some managers’ resistance to change.

Having to play catchup with technological advancement is much more costly for businesses. The more you wait, the more complicated it’ll get. Fighting change and innovation is rarely a winning strategy in the long term.

Many believe that implementing a new system is always complicated. But it doesn’t have to be. When picking a new tool, you should always assess its efficiency and simplicity.

Simplicity should be an important consideration; if you don’t factor it in, expect much resistance from your team.

Here at Agendrix, we always use the most efficient technological tools, even if they can be a little pricey. Our reasoning is simple: we consider that the resulting time savings and efficiency are well worth it.

Don’t Fear Change

Don’t be afraid to challenge de status quo and to make room for change. Take care, however, to always put people first. Technology should always be a springboard for people’s skills and knowledge, and not a replacement for them.

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