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Agendrix Renews Itself

Mathieu Allaire
Last updated on 21 Apr. 2023
Published on 13 Aug. 2019
Icône de l'application de gestion d'horaires Agendrix
Jeune femme qui utilise l'application de gestion d'horaires Agendrix sur son téléphone mobile

We founded Agendrix in 2015 with one simple goal: to make those cumbersome schedules easier to manage. Back then, the tools for doing so didn’t really exist.

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Clearly, we weren’t the only ones to see this as a problem because more than 65 000 employees in some 4500 workplaces now use our software.

Still, Agendrix is no longer the company it was 4 years ago. Over time, our vision became more refined, our product matured, and our team grew. But one very special element has withstood the test of time: our brand image.

This changes today.

We wanted to adopt an identity that combined simplicity and maturity. In our new logo, you’ll see a colon, intended as a nod to the concept of time, which is the pillar of our work. You might also notice the abstract smile, meant to emphasize our desire to create a positive experience wherever Agendrix is used. Whoever said employee management had to be a burden?

This new identity also called for colorful changes. We traded our former brand image’s “emergency” red for a zen, more balanced shade of green. Light touches of peach also add a soft, humane warmth to the mix. This combination reflects our team culture perfectly.


This new step is about something greater than a new logo and color palette. Indeed, it’s also an opportunity for us to realign our priorities with our values and goals.

Our users often come forward and tell us about the positive impact Agendrix has had on their work and personal lives. These stories do us proud, which is why we made them an integral part of our new positioning.

Such testimonials are also what brought us to put into words that which we strive toward: to inspire a more humane workplace management philosophy.

The technology we create is our own personal way of achieving this objective. Technology which, in your capable hands, makes the time of each and every one truly matter.

Hence our new slogan: Make time count.

What’s Unchanged

We’re going to remain that same passionate team you’ve known, always looking forward to helping you out with our software day after day. Thanks to your input, we’ll keep improving our product every month, while preserving the simplicity and attention to detail that make it so successful.

In closing, we’d like to encourage you to immerse yourself into our Agendrix manifesto, in the hopes that it’ll drive you as much as it drives us.

Agendrix and Proud

Our mission:
to place human beings back at the heart of management.

We strive to inspire a more humane workplace management philosophy. Where ancient, cumbersome processes no longer prevail over the needs of employees. Where managers get to spend more time with their team. Where each and every individual is treated with respect.

The technology we develop helps us fulfill this ambition. We also embody it in-house by treating our own employees just as we treat our customers every day: in the most humane of manners.

We’re not interested in pretending that we know everything. In fact, we only really know one thing: in our niche, we’re unmatched.

But don’t take our word for it. We dare you to try Agendrix. To put us up to the challenge. You’ll quickly realize that all software is not created equal. And understand why we’re so proud.

We are Agendrix.

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