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By Michaël Thibault September 15 2020

Dear managers. Mobile requests have arrived at last in the very first version of our mobile app fully dedicated to management.

Following the explosion in popularity of our mobile app for employees, we came to realize just how powerful mobility is in terms of employee management. Managers themselves, however, did not yet have a way of using the mobile version to, well, manage on the go. We were certainly very aware, and you all loved sending us passionate messages to remind us every week. And so, here we are.

Agendrix mobile scheduling app

After a short update (v4.0.0), managers and supervisors will be able to manage the four basic request types on their phones. Meaning that it will be possible to approve or decline days off, open shifts, availabilities, and swaps anywhere, just like on the web version of the app.

We’d like to point out that the scope of this first version is limited. Since the request module is one of Agendrix’s most beloved features, it seemed logical for us to start there. A plethora of additional management features will be added over time, so stay tuned!

Requests in the Agendrix scheduling app
Woman happily using the Agendrix app on her cellphone

Ready to Try?

The manager version of the mobile app is part of our Essential Plan. Users with the admin, manager, or supervisor role will automatically have access to the management features in the app under the Requests tab. Simply install the Android or iOS version on your phone accordingly. That’s it!

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