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HR+: New Filters and Reports

Michaël Thibault
Michaël Thibault
November 30, 2022
New filters in the Agendrix app scheduler

New reports and filters for the scheduler are now available to HR+ users.

Dear managers. HR+, our latest module dedicated to human resources management, continues to evolve. With this update, our aim was to help you take advantage of the data you collect on your employees in Agendrix. Here’s how.

A New Way to Filter the Scheduler

HR+ subscribers will now be able to filter the scheduler using HR information captured in employee profiles. You might, for instance, use a filter to ensure that at least one senior employee is scheduled at all times to support your team.

Five New Reports and Improvements

A new report category—People Data—has been added to HR+. This includes five new reports dealing with various aspects about the members of your organization, including:

  • Seniority;
  • Genders;
  • Turnover;
  • Hires and departures; and
  • Emergency contacts.

Click here to access these reports

Improvements were also made to the existing Employees report to incorporate data from the HR fields of your employees. You’ll be able to choose exactly which data to include before exporting the report.

There are many more improvements to come for the HR+ module, as we remain ever eager to better fulfill your HR needs. Until then, merry management!


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