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17 Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Employees

Andrée-Anne Blais-Auclair
Last updated on 22 Dec. 2023
Published on 5 Oct. 2022
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A Christmas gift is a great way to offer employee recognition to your team and thank them for their contribution to your business. After all, your team is at the heart of your company’s success.

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Employee recognition from a middle manager has a huge influence on employee motivation and retention.

Gifts are a form of employee recognition, and Christmas is a great time to treat your team members with a little something special.

Here are 17 corporate gift ideas for the end of the year.

6 experience-oriented corporate gifts for your employees

1. Gift certificate to a local restaurant

Choosing a personalized gift can be complicated. In this case, a gift certificate is entirely appropriate. Find a local restaurant that offers a quality experience and offer a gourmet meal for two.

Tip: In the Eastern Townships, Westley,L’Antidote FoodLab, Vin Polisson, King Alexandre and Taverne américaine O’Chevreuil are examples of local restaurants that offer fine dining in a casual, enjoyable atmosphere. Les Enfants Terribles has restaurants in different locations and also offers a great experience, both in terms of atmosphere.

2. Hotel stay

If your budget is on the generous side, an overnight stay at a hotel is a gift that is sure to delight your employees. Getting away from home is a luxury that few people give themselves. That’s what makes this option so appealing. A night at a hotel is also a way to take care and pamper yourself, and escape your day-to-day for a while. As a manager, you know the importance of unplugging… so you know this gift will be hit!

Tip: There are sites such as Origine Hôtels et Auberges offering packages that sometimes include one or more meals, massages or other benefits.

3. Local beer tasting package

Nowadays, craft beers are abundant and easy to find. It has never been easier to discover microbreweries and their products. Offer a package that includes several beers, a local cheese and even a sausage for a complete experience.

Tip: Check out the specialized stores that offer microbrewery beers, such as Vent du Nord in Sherbrooke. You can even choose cheese and sausage on the spot to create a pairing for a fabulous experience.

4. A new experience

Restaurants, hotels, beer tastings… and now, an outing! There’s nothing more memorable than experiencing something new that takes us beyond our comfort zone. Offer your employees a bike tour experience, a paddleboard class, a dinner show or an exhibition. The possibilities are endless.

Pointer: Check out the OUTGO website for tons of packages you might not have thought of.

5. Spa retreat

A day at the spa has very tangible benefits: it allows you to relax, pause your daily routine, reflect, and take care of your body and spirit. Most spas also offer massages and various foot, hand and facial treatments. You can include whatever you like in your gift card, according to your available budget.

Tip: Strøm Nordic spas offer a variety of treatments and packages, not to mention a fabulous environment. They have locations in Sherbrooke, Montreal and Quebec City.

6. Local spirits

Local alcohols are now well-known these days. There are many spirits to choose from. Are you bigger on… wines or spirits? Sweet or savory? Aperitif or hard liquor?

Tip: Check out the post 10 Quebec spirits to discover for a dose of inspiration on local spirits.

3 healthy corporate gifts

7. Gift card to a health food store

Specialty grocery and health food stores are a gold mine for discovering new products, from organic foods and high-end cooking oils to cleaning and self-care products—your employees are sure to find something they’ll enjoy. Similar to a hotel stay, specialty grocery stores are often considered a luxury, making this a great gift for your employees.

Tip: Avril Supermarché Santé is a chain of beautiful, health-focused grocery stores with a section dedicated to health literature, a pharmacy, natural cosmetics, and much more.

8. Set of bath products

A bath set is a classic, and it works well. A bath can play a similar role to going to the spa: it’s a time to relax and enjoy some time alone. Your employees will delight in receiving healthy products to enjoy their next bath, such as candles, book holders and other items, such as bath bombs, bubble baths, Epsom salts, etc.

Tip: The company Bleu Lavande sells both ambiance items (essential oils and candles) and bath products—all of them natural and lavender-based.

9. Gift card to help promote physical exercise

A gift card is still a very suitable gift. It might seem a bit less original, but you can decide on a theme, such as promoting physical exercise, to add a special touch that will connect with your values and show that you care about your employees’ wellbeing.
If you’re at the last minute or want a simple corporate gift, offer a gift card from a place that aligns with your company’s values.

Tip: A certificate to a national park, ski centre or gym will promote employees’ well-being by helping them get physically active and cope with stress.

4 environmentally friendly gifts for your employees

10. Candle sampler box

As simple as they may be, candles create a warm, relaxing and intimate atmosphere. They can dress up a table at a dinner party, accompany a coffee in the living room, or bring us into a state of relaxation. The fragrances and styles are endless, so why not offer a box set full of discoveries for the giftee?

Tip: The soy and beeswax candles from Trois fois par jour are incredible.

11. Environmentally friendly lunch kit

Your employees probably need a lunch for work, or for school if you employ students. There are eco-friendly lunch kits available, or you can put one together yourself—all you need is a lunch box made of 100% recycled materials, environmentally friendly containers, reusable straws, reusable bags, etc.

Tip: We found this article featuring products for a zero-waste lunch box.

12. Reusable travel mug

A reusable coffee/tea mug is a gift that encourages your employees to reduce their environmental footprint. As such, it’s a corporate gift that will resonate with your values. Your employees all have a reason to use a coffee or tea mug every day. This is an option that won’t end up at the bottom of a drawer.

There are many premium brands of reusable mugs with beautiful and original styles.

Tip: The Corckcicle mug is an outstanding, quality, sure choice. Corckcicle thermoses are made of triple-insulated stainless steel. They can keep your beverages cold for 25 hours, and hot for 12 hours.

13. Book on eco-friendly lifestyles

What better way to inspire a more planet-friendly lifestyle than with a book of actionable tips and tricks?

Tip: Check out the book Zero-Waste Home by Bea Johnson.

4 gifts that your employees are sure to use every day

14. Journal

Does your team have employees who love to write? Gift them a leather journal! You can even have it engraved with their name and the company name, for example. Drop the old-fashioned pen idea in favor of a gift they will keep for a long time to come.

Tip: Etsy has a multitude of leather notebook options that can be engraved with whatever you want.

15. Premium kitchen knife

Want to encourage colleagues to take the time to cook? Gift them a good, handcrafted chef’s knife—the pride of every seasoned chef. There are plenty of local and artisanal options when it comes to kitchen tools, and quality really does make all the difference.

Tip: Visit the shop L’Émouleur for advice on the best Japanese knife you can gift to your team members.

16. Coffee mug bearing the employee’s name

The classic coffee mug is still a good and lasting present… if you didn’t already gift one last year. 😉

Tip: The company Kotmo crafts many promotional items, including beautiful ceramic coffee mugs that can be inscribed with your company’s name, your mission, or any other text.

17. Quality winter coat featuring your company colors

A quality coat emblazoned with your company colrs and logo is a true gift for your employees. Not only will it represent and show belonging to your company, but it will also come in very handy! A sleek, eco-friendly coat can make for a phenomenal gift.

Corporate gifts: a perfect opportunity for employee recognition

Turnover is expensive and energy-consuming for you and the rest of your team. Your employees are your most precious asset.

Take every opportunity to take care of your team, by offering sincere, personalized employee recognition.

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