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Once Upon a Chair…

Mathieu Allaire
Last updated on 6 Dec. 2023
Published on 4 May. 2020
Chaise Herman Miller

Back in 2018, we made the decision to wave goodbye to our Staples-Ikea office chairs.

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My friend and partner Charles experienced back pain on a daily basis, so we needn’t look for excuses.

We polled the rest of the team for input. Many felt indifferent. Our chairs were pretty much standard as far as office chairs go; they were alright.

Here at Agendrix, we’ve always valued employee happiness. We read on the subject of ergonomics, and it became apparent that it had quite the impact on comfort and productivity at work.

So, we put different chairs to the test, and the Herman Miller Aeron came out on top. Worth mentioning: this model has been around for about 26 years! The very definition of a long-lasting, well-designed product that transcends generations and passing fads.

There’s No Going Back

Two years prior, Agendrix wasn’t exactly making money hand over fist. So, you could say spending over 20 000$ on some fifteen chairs was a rather bold move.

With the situation surrounding COVID-19, we had to close down the office and work from home so as to comply with government instructions. And so, on our last day at our 799 Paul-Desruisseaux Street suite, all 27 of us left with our office essentials: MacBook Pro, monitors, keyboard, mouse, and so on.

After only about a week of remote work, however, over half the employees snuck in to get a hold of their precious chair. The executive team even ensured home delivery for some! There’s just no going back.

We spend so much time sitting every day that, in retrospect, it’s a very reasonable investment for such an important piece of furniture. The well-being of your employees sometimes lies in those details they might’ve underestimated themselves. Details that end up making a huge difference on the day-to-day. Which is exactly why our motto goes: Put the right tools into the right hands, and anything’s possible.

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