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Agendrix Ranks 175th Fastest-Growing Company in Canada

Sarah Busque
Last updated on 7 May. 2024
Published on 4 Oct. 2023
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We are proud and humbled to share that Agendrix is ranked 175th among Canada’s fastest-growing companies, with a 3-year growth rate of 274%.

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This makes 2023 the third consecutive year in which our company has occupied a place in this ranking.

This fourth edition of The Globe and Mail’s Report on Business ranking considered a total of 425 companies. This annual ranking assesses the growth of Canadian companies over the past 3 years.

We’re honored to be listed in this ranking for the third year in a row. What makes us even happier is that we can continue to build on our winning recipe: we rely on a solid talent pool that forms a high-performing team. Our biggest wish is that our practices and the management tools we develop will enable our customers to be just as successful. Inspiring a more human management style is what we’re aiming for, and if our customers achieve this by using Agendrix, we’ve won our bet. – Mathieu Allaire, CEO

Our team, still our winning recipe

When we shared our rankings of 155th in 2022 and 91st in 2021, there was no doubt that our strong growth was due to the strength of our team. Even this year, with a very high inflation rate, the onset of an economic slowdown and major challenges for all industries, it’s thanks to a mobilized team that we can continue to go further.

At the risk of not being original, we are repeating ourselves again this year and are extremely proud to be able to rely on a solid team of motivated, innovative and committed employees.

People first management is the key to improving employee performance and retention. We now have tangible proof that this strategy is not only profitable, but also sustainable.

Less time spent managing, more time for employees

This summer we surveyed our customers across a range of industries to assess the various benefits they had observed since implementing Agendrix in their organizations. Results included:

  • Customers spending 50% less time on schedule management
  • 1 out of 3 managers noticed an improvement in employee retention
  • 8 out of 10 managers confirm that communication has improved in their company
  • 75% of managers have seen their employees’ autonomy levels increase

The time these managers save with our application can be instead spent in the field, with their employees and their customers. It’s this tangible return on investment for business owners that keeps Agendrix growing so strongly.

Beyond the ideology of putting people first as a business growth and employee retention strategy, Agendrix offers a competitive advantage with tangible benefits to our customers.

Learn more about the ranking

The complete ranking of Canada’s fastest-growing companies is available in the October issue of Report on Business.

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