Time and Attendance Management Software for Veterinary Clinics and Health Centers

If you work in a clinic or health center, you have more important things to do than manage the work schedules and timesheets of your employees. Let Agendrix save you time and money, and reduce staff turnover.

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How Does Agendrix Help Clinics and Health Centers Better Manage Their Staff?

Save Time

Agendrix is an employee scheduling software that is designed to help managers optimally process information and accelerate the decision-making process. Your employees submit their requests (leave, shift transfers, availability changes) directly from the app. When you approve a request, it’s automatically reflected in the scheduler.

Create Your Rotating Schedules Automatically

Many clinics operate with rotating schedules. Agendrix allows you to create recurring schedules based on the time period of your choice. In other words, you can plan your staff automatically months in advance, while respecting all their constraints. Avoid making mistakes that lead to confusion and frustration.

Simple and Direct Communication

Notify your staff of all last minute changes by either simply publishing any recent modifications or by sending a comment on a specific shift.

Always Be Ready

You and your employees can access schedules from your computer, mobile phone, or tablet from anywhere and at any time. With Agendrix’s iOS and Android applications, bidirectional communication is fast and simple for everyone.

What our customers have to say

Optométriste et propriétaire utilisant Agendrix pour faire la gestion d'horaire.

Agendrix is a very well-designed software that helped us save several hours weekly. We spent about four hours weekly managing the schedules of about twenty employees, back when we used Excel, and changing anything was tedious. Since I have two young children and already work full-time, I didn’t have four hours to commit to this task. So, I looked around for a software that would help me save as much time as possible. I ended up choosing Agendrix, which helped us save at least three hours weekly, making it quite cost-effective. I like how schedules can be copied and pasted. Everything is really visual, allowing us to make sure that all positions and lunch breaks are covered. The employees can submit their own leave requests and show their availability right from the app, and several ways of communicating privately or through the news feed exist. Free training and being able to ask questions 24 hours a day really helped me get started; I quite like the idea of paying monthly and having the service available at all times. For several months now, we’ve also been using Agendrix to record the employees’ work hours and save quite a bit of time there as well. Lateness and absences are automatically accounted for, and changes are easy to make.

Benefits for Clinic and Health Center Managers

Agendrix helps many clinics and health centers to better manage the work schedules of their staff. Instantly notify your employees when a new schedule is posted. Your clinic staff can access the latest version of their schedule at any time and see the status of their requests for leave, replacements, or changes in availability.

Forget trying to memorize and collect the time, availability, and discharge requests of your employees (especially part-time workers). These constraints are sent directly to you by the application and are automatically transposed into the schedule. Spend more time taking care of your customers rather than planning your schedules and fixing problems.