Jean Coutu – Sept-Îles

Agendrix helps Jean Coutu in Sept-Îles achieve their goals through its easy-to-use personnel schedule management software.

61 employees
2 locations
13 x faster
Pharmaceutical industry
Client since 2016

It couldn’t possibly be worse than your current method and is free to try. All you need is the willpower to try it out. Investing one or two hours is all you need to save hundreds of hours later on; it’s worth it!

About Jean Coutu

The Jean Coutu Group is one of Canada’s largest pharmacy chains. The banner is now a subsidiary of Metro and includes over 400 locations across three provinces in Canada.

In order to meet the needs of its pharmacy network, Jean Coutu employs more than 20,000 people of various age groups who work full- or part-time in the company’s many locations and headquarters located in Varennes.

Finding the right solution

Why did you choose Agendrix?

“I’ve seen a number of different ways of managing pharmacy work schedules. Excel and Word are great software, though not for managing schedules!

Agendrix offers a number of advantages over other software. I had the chance of testing Agendrix for free before going forward and implementation was super fast. In less than 30 minutes, I was ready to begin. Before Agendrix, schedule management was painstaking in our pharmacy, so I had no reason not to try it.”


What do you like most about Agendrix?

“I love that my employees and I can access Agendrix from anywhere and at any time; it’s really handy!”

How did Agendrix improve your day-to-day operations?

“Peace of mind and less wasted time. Before using Agendrix, we didn’t realize just how much time we wasted with schedule management and time sheets. I can now make decisions much faster by knowing the impact of my decisions well in advance.”

How was Agendrix received by your employees?

“Agendrix’s implementation went really smoothly and our employees’ comments have been positive so far! Employees were glad to be able to access their schedule more easily on top of being more flexible.”

User benefits

  • Ability to work from anywhere, at any time
  • Peace of mind
  • Less time wasted
  • Greater employee satisfaction

Before / After (weekly)

The data presented in the following table were provided by the Sept-Îles location.

Tasks Old ways With Agendrix
Scheduling 7 hours (using Excel) 30 minutes
Time sheets 2 hours (cardboard cards) 10 minutes
Transfer to payroll 1 hour (manually) minutes
TOTAL 10 hours 45 minutes

Old ways

With Agendrix


“Each manager was responsible for the schedules of their department’s employees. Schedules were prepared on Excel; weekly, between six and eight hours of work were required to manage every department’s schedule.”


The pharmacy’s managers still handle their department’s scheduling, but now, a few minutes is all they need. The shift recurrence tool is really useful for rotating schedules.”

Schedule changes

“The process was so complicated that we just didn’t accept last-minute schedule changes; employees were the ones who always ended up having to cope with it.

Schedule changes

Employees are more satisfied than before because we can be much more flexible with scheduling. If they need to be replaced, they simply have to let us know through Agendrix. We can then transfer their shift to another employee in just a few clicks, which is great!”

Schedule sharing

Once the schedules were produced, they would be printed out and then displayed on the employee lounge’s wall. When changes had to be made, we’d reprint the schedule and display the latest version.”

Schedule sharing

“We no longer print out schedules. Employees now have access to their schedule online or right from the time clock, which allows them to access the most recent version at any time.”

Time sheets management

“For clocking and time sheets, we used to rely on cardboard clock cards. Validating and retranscribing employees’ worked hours into Sage took more than three hours weekly. Rectifying unauthorized overtime was hell; we had to compare the schedule to the hours worked, but since their formatting was different, comparing anything was difficult!”

Time sheets management

“Clocking is now done directly from predetermined computers of the location, and Agendrix automatically detects discrepancies between the schedule and clocked hours. Those in charge of accounting can now access all necessary information to validate time sheets in just a few minutes. Employee work hours are then transferred instantly thanks to Agendrix’s integration with Jean Coutu’s payroll system.”