Staff Scheduling Software and Online Time Clock

Agendrix is an easy-to-use online staff scheduling and time clock software that simplifies scheduling, timesheets and employee clock in and clock out.


Employee Scheduling Software Made Easy

Agendrix is ​​an online employee scheduling software designed to save you time, enhance your team’s communications, and improve employees’ accountability.

Online Time and Attendance Software For Employees

Manage your employees' time and attendance more easily. No expensive equipment is required. Choose the devices by which your employees can clock in and out.

Communication Tools for Small Businesses

Agendrix is a business commnication tool that lets you get in touch with your employees easily and at any time, without lengthy phone calls.

Field Service Scheduling Software

Service Scheduling software to easily manage employees en route to job sites.

Online Timesheet Software

An intuitive, accessible, and efficient way to manage your employees' online timesheets. Start your free 14-day Agendrix trial today.

Free Employee Scheduling Software

Plan your employees' schedules with a free employee scheduling software, more powerful than Excel, designed specifically to manage work schedules.

Online Punch Clock Kiosk

Our online punch clock kiosk simplifies employee time punching, helps you better manage employee time and attendance, and saves you time with time sheets.

Computer Time Clock

Our computer time clock app lets your employees clock their work time from any computer. Perfect for office and remote work.

Mobile Time Clock App

Our mobile time clock app lets your employees clock their work hours using their very own smartphone.

Phone Time Tracking

Our phone time tracking system lets your staff clock in clock out from a fixed telephone line. Perfect for employees who work at multiple job sites.

Time Banks

Time banks are a great way of automatically keeping track of your employees' overtime, rounding out timesheets, and giving time off fairly.

Online Time Clock Software

Easy-to-use online and offline time clock and timesheets systems to help you better track the clock in and clock out of your employees.

Fair Pricing That Works for Your Business

Find out more about the different Agendrix pricing plans. 14 days free trial. No credit card required. Cancel anytime.

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Companies of all sizes across many industries use Agendrix to simplify employee scheduling, communications, and timesheets, and reduce operating costs.


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