Online employee scheduling and time clock software for retirement homes and caregiver services

As a scheduler manager of a retirement home of a caregiver services company, you have to deal with employees working on multiple locations, availability constraints, variable shifts and much more. Agendrix provides an easy to use scheduling and time clock software which simplifies these processes and many more.

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Online employee scheduling and time clock software for retirement homes and caregiver services

More efficient coordination

Avoid having to play dispatcher for your employees while they are visiting clients or on the move. Your employees will always have the most up-to-date version of their schedules on hand and will instantly see what treatments their clients require.

Clear and concise interface

See at glance an overview of the visits that have been planned for each client. When you need to change plans and adjust schedules, you will be shown right away which of your employees are available and which are already occupied with clients.

Easy to use on the move

Agendrix is 100% mobile compatible so that each member of your staff can quickly and easily check their work schedules. Your employees can also instantly notify you through their phones when they are going to be available and when they want time off.

Simple and direct communication

Notify your caregivers of all last minute changes by either simply publishing any recent modifications or by sending a comment on a specific shift.

What our customers have to say

With 50 on-call employees and extremely changing schedules depending on requests, Agendrix has allowed us to reduce from 25h to less than 10h per week the time required to manage our complex schedules… it’s magic!

Mathieu Roy
Vallée Jeunesse

Oh yes, quite a difference… I cut in half the time it took me to manage our schedules… and I especially saved my Saturdays mornings that I spent for over a year to make schedules on Excel. And just for that, it’s worth gold!

The benefits of Agendrix for caregiver services

Managing schedules for a retirement homes, a home care or caregiver services company or other care facilities can be a huge challenge. As a care service manager, you have to coordinate different types of care to multiple clients at various locations. With Agendrix, you can organize your caregivers’ schedules in relation to the needs of the client’s care. You have to be sure that your caregivers have a clear understanding of where and when they need to be. As soon as plans change or things get canceled, you need to be able to quickly adjust schedules and notify anyone concerned.

Agendrix is the latest in schedule planning software that is capable of helping you easily manage your employees based on what they are doing, where they are needed, and what resources will be needed for each individual.